Expert Fitting
We have over 500 instruments from Germany, Italy, Romania, Poland, and China in order to offer each student and teacher the best possible choice in every size. We even started our own brand, created after consulting with teachers from Lucy Moses, Juilliard Pre-College, Mannes and Manhattan and School for Strings. We are the only place that offers a special collection of 150-year old instruments from 1/8 to 3/4 sizes, made by the masters, in case you have a ten-year-old prodigy on your hands! I personally fit every student and help parents choose which instrument would be best for their budget and child's level. Learning a stringed instrument should be fun, not confusing or intimidating. Call for an appointment.   Try some instruments and I will be happy to answer all of your questions. Leave with an instrument custom tailored for your child's size and your budget.

Discover New York's best cello and violin rental shop. Virtuoso Resources in New York, New York, offers an amazing collection of instruments for musicians at all levels.

Children's Instruments
Start your child off right on a high-quality violin. We offer basic 1/16 size outfits—including the instrument, bow, case, and rosin—starting as low as $9.99 per month. For very young, yet advanced students, we have a special collection of 150-year-old 1/8—3/4 size antique French and German violins. Few other shops offer such rare instruments at an affordable rental price.
Professional Instruments
We hand-select our instruments from workshops around the world and are official New York City dealers for legendary luthiers, including:

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• Snow™
• Jay Haide™
• John Cheng™
• Euro™
• Heinrich Gill™
• Scott Cao™
• Rudolph Doetsch™


R. Avedis Bows & Instruments
Try our exclusive brand of R. Avedis bows and instruments. They professional-quality instruments are made especially for us from European tonewood and come with a certificate of authenticity. Our bows are mounted with gold and silver and made from first-grade Pernambuco wood.

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